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Wood and Stone Direct offer an exemplary array of internal stone and a high standard of finished wooden flooring for homes and businesses. Homes and offices which require that refreshing and welcoming contemporary finish or a style more suited to traditional settings.

We stock a wide variety of wooden flooring that will capture most people’s imagination and represent true value when compared with similar products. That said, we do source some of the finest materials available from around the world directly from the manufacturers and import only the best quality stone to provide the best finish possible.

Hence Wood and Stone Direct. Peruse our variety of wooden flooring and assess which types of woods best suit your home or office surroundings. We stock character grade walnut flooring and character grade pitch pine flooring in different specifications. Both tongue and groove, relief groove with micro bevelled edges.

Our wide lacquered pre-finished flooring which comes in Oak neither requires sanding or sealing but simply laying with glue or secret nails. Continuing or oak flooring range we can also offer solid oak flooring in the following classes; character grade solid oak, wide lacquered oak 130mm and renovation grade for that rustic appearance.

For Skirting Boards we are able to produce Bullnose and Torus profiles in an Oak Skirting Board which will exemplify and contribute greatly to the final design quality of the oak flooring you choose to install. As well as Oak flooring, there is a range of engineered flooring, aged flooring and architraves to completely furnish your home or office.

 With regards to the quality stone that we import from around the world. There are a variety of different ensembles within each stone category for that perfect and unique stone flooring finish. From Slate flooring and Black Riven, Oyster natural cleft and limestone flooring encompassing antalya cream honed and Cotswold vale.

 If you’re seeking out Travertine flooring with chipped edge walnut or honed and filled classic styles then Wood and Stone direct stock these too with a complimentary array of stone adhesives and grouts.

How To Stylishly Pull Off Wooden Flooring In Your Conservatory

Before choosing a floor material for your conservatory you must consider the use you will be putting your conservatory too. Here are different types of flooring that you can stylishly pull off:

Cork Conservatory Floors
Cork floors are tough, water resistant, warm to the touch and natural insulators against cold and sound. They have a natural springiness that makes it pleasant to walk on and together these properties make it an ideal flooring for children to play on.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring mimics the look of a traditional wood floor and is much easier to install than a real wood floor. The best laminate floors are difficult to distinguish from real hardwood floors and less expensive.

Natural Stone Floors
There is a good choice of natural stone flooring products to choose for your conservatory in a variety of colours and natural markings:

1. Granite Tiles – are immensely hard making them highly resistant to liquids. They can be polished to a beautiful high gloss finish.
2. Limestone Tiles – are usually pale in colour and can have interesting surface markings; you will need to ensure that they are sealed before use.
3. Marble Tiles – are available in a variety of colours, but because they are susceptible to damage by acids, even mild ones such as found in lemons or spilt orange juice; they should not be used if your conservatory is part of a kitchen area.
4. Slate Tiles – come in different colours and textures and will need sealing. In the first few weeks of use small flakes can be dislodged from them and they will need resealing to protect the flaked areas.
5. Ceramic Floor Tiles
Ceramic floor tiles are available unglazed and glazed. There are four basic types of ceramic flooring tile:
a. Glazed Ceramic – tiles are very durable and easy to maintain. They are water resistant, making them ideal if part of your conservatory is a kitchen area.
b. Porcelain Tiles – are made by compacting clay and other materials at very high pressure, making them the hardest man-made tile and virtually water resistant. They need no sealer or on-going waxing.
c. Quarry Tiles – were originally made from quarried stone, but for many years they have been manufactured from clay and are thus natural earth shades of grey, red and brown depending on the source.
d. Terracotta Tiles – are softer and thus more prone to scratching than ceramic tiles and due to the nature of the material have to be made thicker to avoid breakage.

Ceramic tiles are cold so are ideal in a south-facing conservatory; but they are not nice to walk on in bare feet in cold weather. So you should consider either electric or hot water underfloor heating if you use ceramic tiles in your conservatory and plan to use it in winter.

Natural Hardwood
Natural hardwoods are good especially for wooden perfect fit blinds. Until recently hardwood floors were not recommended for use in a conservatory, especially in a wet area where moisture could make the planks shrinkage, warp or split. Using natural hardwood flooring in a south-facing conservatory was also not recommended due to the excessive heat and danger from shrinking, warping and splitting.

Wood flooring in a conservatory is not only a highly practical option, it can look really stylish too, but it’s important that you choose the right type of wood flooring.

Small Houses Are The Trend In Britain [Infographic]

Planning to construct your new home? Well, with the decrease of land ownership sizes, we’re going to see a new trend in construction.

Based on this infographic, majority of builders report that most customers want to build a smaller, low-priced home compared to bigger homes with more space. The UK house is still smaller than a typical American home.

But why? It seems clients have become more environmentally conscious and energy costs are driving up bills in an unholy time for any country’s economy. Do you agree with this list?

Installing Hardwood Floors

If you are thinking of having a clean and dirt-free home, then installing hardwood floors is the best answer for you to consider. Having a new hardwood flooring can completely change a space with warmth and beauty no matter how small your interior is.

If you are installing the hardwood floor yourself, it is advisable to use thin wood flooring that looks like a plywood because it’s easier to install. It is less expensive than a solid wood floor and could easily adapt to transformation because of the changes of the temperature and humidity.

So, what’s the proper way to install hardwood floors?

Prepare the Right Tools

Installing hardwood flooring is a huge or major home improvement. It would be such a waste if you end up having a poor quality and fragile floors so make sure to have a proper preparation especially when it comes to your tools. It would be best to have them all completed before even starting the installation to avoid wasting time.

Choosing the right kind of hardwood floor ahead of time would be helpful for you as well. You have to consider your budget and if it would look great at your home. Would it match with the colours of your walls perhaps? However, you should not just consider the appearance alone but also with the benefits it could give you and your home. You are also ought to have a knowledge with the changes it might give to the room temperature. It is highly recommended to mark the placements where you will install the hardwood floors to easily identify their locations.

Cutting Hardwood Floors

Now that you already presumed what the hardwood floor would look like in your home interior, you will apparently have the idea how you would cut it with all its dimensions and size you have always desired through the layout you have done.

Cutting hardwood floors can be done with a power miter saw that cuts straight and makes the wood smooth. Make sure to measure it precisely how you like it to be with the right measurements with the help of the mark placements.

Fastening Hardwood Floors

Be careful using the hammer and nails when fastening hardwood floors however it would be much easier and safer to use a power nailer and a pneumatic flooring nailer. Lay the rows of hardwood floor properly and tightly by driving a nail with the right angle. When the next hardwood floor will be nailed, the nails would be hidden.

Just continue the whole nailing process until the whole room is now filled with the hardwood floor you have always desired. If there are nails that are hard to be hidden, it is recommended for you to have a flooring nailer who would do the trick.

Now your home will have a timeless and modern look at the same time which is very easy to maintain and clean that even blends well designs that you have at home.

Inspiration: Wooden Home Furnishings

You may be planning to construct a new home or renovate your existing one – whichever it is, it is important that you value both beauty and function in all aspects. When a home is done as lovely as can be, its value will surely shoot up. This can then be beneficial for you as the owner, more so when you intend to sell it in the future.

Now, when it comes to furnishings, there are undoubtedly so many in the market today that simple homeowners and shoppers do not know which to choose. This is understandable because even if products vary in appearance, material, price and all that, it stands that they are all purposeful in their own ways.

For this instance, wood is highlighted. Why should you choose home furniture and decors that are made of this specific material?

Basically, it is a natural product that boasts features such as durability and longevity among others. Even if it is quite expensive, it is a worthy investment.

Furnishings made from wood that you can get and incorporate into your home include:

Windows are important parts of any structure for they provide light, air and even a view of the outside. They can be focuses when you design as well. You can then do so with blinds.

This kind is advantageous because with many wood types, you can choose any that you prefer considering colour and size. If talking of style, you will have a beautiful, timeless one that then gives character to not only your windows but to the overall room as well.

Cleaning and maintenance can be done so easily too as you can even just use a clean cloth and simple cleanser. Taking care of it is not demanding at all, hence you do not need to be an expert to do it.

With wooden blinds, you can get to block the entry of unwanted light, trap heat inside and enjoy privacy and security much better than other materials.

With nice wood used, there is no doubt that people still flock to buy wooden furniture. These pieces are strong and resilient in nature, so wherever you may place them – whether outside or inside – you will not have to worry because they can survive such ordeals like weather and time.

Considering look and appearance, wooden furniture just has this quality that makes it stunning as it is. With earthy colours, even its visual aspect alone shows that it is durable and long lasting and well, it really is.

Wood brings an antique or vintage style that is deemed to be a classic. Even as time passes by, its degree of worth just gets better and more superior. So, if you opt to buy blinds or furniture now, you will be sure that they will stay around for so much longer than you may think. This comes with your care and attention as well, so do not forget to do that. All in all, your home will definitely shine with a natural glow from wood.

Wooden Fencing Design Ideas

When you aim for a garden that is both beautiful and functional, there are many different factors you have to consider and look into. Yes, a garden may be a simple extra space but it will need a lot of planning and work to come up with one that is of your dreams.

One of the many aspects of a good garden design is the installation of fences. Fences provide utmost protection and privacy, especially when done and maintained well. Now, a common material for them is wood. There are special types that are definitely strong and durable, making them ideal for fencing. They are also rather inexpensive, good for those that are looking for cost effective ones. With wood, they can easily be transformed and shaped as well.

Whether you are one to DIY or Do It Yourself, or one to hire professionals, here are some wooden fence design ideas you can try out for yourself:

Picket Fence
For those with a low budget, you can go for a picket fence. This is also good if you are looking for that cute cottage charm because they are pretty clean and sleek. They can be either short or long, depending on your preferences. They are best for plant and flower beds. They have pointy tops so they surely promote protection.

Lattice Fence
Lattice fences have also become widely used. These are crisscross strips where light and air can go through; its look is similar to that of a net. They are important as you screen your plants.

Post and Rail Fence/Vertical Board
For setting boundaries, a post and rail fence is ideal for you. Another one is a vertical board. There is no space in between the wood so you are definitely assured to have privacy and security. Unwanted noise and wind will be blocked as well.

Whichever fencing type and wood you choose for your own fence, and whether they are tall or short, you can make them more attractive by choosing colours that are not only good-looking, but that they complement the overall look of your garden and home as well.

In any case, picking the right fence, from its material to its quality, is a step much needed to be done. You cannot be lax during this process. Since fences are installed for your own safety, it is necessary to invest and exert much deliberation and effort in shopping and construction.

You have to look out for wooden fencing that can last for a long time. They have to be able to withstand the different weather conditions that you may experience in your area. Rains and strong winds are common problems that you have to ready yourself and your fence. And even if you have installed a capable fence, you have to always check it, clean and maintain it for it to really last.

Landscape gardeners Highgate link can definitely attend to your fencing needs! Not only that, they can also cater to you in terms of landscaping and gardening in general. You should get in touch with them for more of their services.

Inspiration and Advice on Garden Decking

Garden decking is a wonderful addition in your garden especially if your always welcoming visitors at home. It will be a place where family and friends hang out during summer season and appreciate the beauty of the garden.

If you are planning to build a deck or own a deck, here are some advices to help you keep your deck look great longer.

Protect the Wood

Most of the decks today are made from wood because of its convenient and aesthetic value. To protect the wood from decay, use a wood preservative with UV protector. This will enhance the look of the wood while protecting it from harmful elements such as sun and moisture.

If you want to put in colour to your deck, simply use an exterior stain. You can either use latex or oil based and this is effective in keeping your wood away from mildew.

Get to Know Your Materials

hortpark-248422_640If you are planning to put up a deck on your own, always take the time to know what materials you are using. For example, there are many types of wood that can be use to build a deck such as redwood, cedar and jarrah. There are also new synthetic materials that are being use like vinyl or composite decking. Hardwood cost more than real wood by it can last for a very long time than ordinary wood.

Add water elements

Acton garden decking is a great place to unwind from your daily stress and bond with family members. To add more of the calming effect, add a water fountain or a simple water flow near the deck. The sound of flowing water has a tranquilizing effect and can give you sense of peace especially when you are surrounded with noisy environment.


If you want to make your deck interesting, add unique railings. Other than providing you with safety measure, railings can be a great décor for your garden.  You can choose from different materials and shapes.

If you are planning to build your own garden deck, here are few suggestions that can help you get started:

Get Quality Screws

If you want a lasting deck freefrom injury and danger, then buy quality screws and fastener. Do not sacrifice money over the safety of your deck because injuries cost more. Low quality screws can ruin your deck, rust and ruin the integrity of your wood. If you are using pressure treated wood, then you need to get stainless or coated screws because it will prolong the life of your treated wood.

Measure Carefully

For those who want to do a DIY deck project, measure it carefully. Some may use strings while other measuring tape but whatever tools you are going to use, make sure you know how to use it. Accurate measurement is necessary so you will not waste your materials and time.

For newbie, keep your deck design simple. Complex designs require some type of expertise and you will need to practice more in order to produce the exact result.

Wooden decking in Chelsea is an exciting project and this can be a great place to gather people or be alone for relaxation.

Sustainable Landscaping

Reusing is just one of the most effective techniques for countering the human and ecological health and wellness effects of product or items. When you recycle reclaimed brick, for example, you do not should mine the raw material or fire it in a kiln. You don’t require to expel greenhouse gases in transporting it if it is currently on site. Neither do you have to send the aged brick to the land fill.

Reclaimed products can offer design details and a historical viewpoint that makes the landscape distinct, and it is likely to conserve money.
Think about the many choices. Reclaimed products can be used in whole kind or deconstructed and taken apart for reuse as an entirely brand-new object.
Be innovative. Home owners must be open to creative and new ways in which materials may be incorporated into the landscape. When recycling materials it is frequently helpful to allow the product motivate the layout.

Find materials early in the design process. Identifying exactly what materials are available for reuse early in the style process will permit time for ingenuity and layout exploration.
Select products that can be reused. When developing brand-new site functions, pick long lasting and non-toxic products in modular and or basic dimensions.
Layout for deconstruction. Style site functions to be taken apart without unreasonable effort or substantial harm to the material. For example, utilize screws as opposed to nails and avoid using adhesives or various other fluid adhesives.

The huge majority of all steel is reused back into new steel products without any loss of its physical residential properties. Hence, steel isn’t really simply reused however “multi-cycled,” as it can be recycled repeatedly and over again.

Ways to find recovered materials

When searching for reclaimed materials, house owners now have a selection of choices. In this section, the coach will certainly have to research neighborhood resources for reclaimed materials and offer pupils with a list of suppliers in the area. Common vendors include reusing facilities, salvage shops, Habitat for Humanity and internet sites like freecycle.com or craigslist.

Materials that are gathered, recycled and used once more to make a brand-new item are referred to as recycled materials. Recycled products minimize the requirement for pure feedstock and avoid sending out helpful products to the garbage dump; nevertheless, substantial electricity and any other sources are frequently required during the recycling procedure. Recycled products need to be considered after options to minimize or reuse products have actually been totally discovered since of this.
Landscapes could support using recycled products two ways. By purchasing materials with recycled material Usually the greater the recycled material the much better. And 2nd, by buying materials that can be effortlessly reused in the city.

Use minimally processed products

The human and environmental wellness influences of products typically enhance which each added production phase. Materials that have actually lessened production and processing demands frequently present fewer ecological and human health threats. Instances of minimally processed materials include:
Uncut stone
Earth materials

Watch this award winning landscape for inspiration. See how he turned an almost impossible landscape into a winner!

Wooden Flooring Guide

For starters, once you have decided to install wooden flooring in your home, here are things you need to consider and to know so that when you talk to your contractor, both of you are on the same page.

1. Solid vs. Engineered

2. Types of  Profiles

3. Types of Flooring Finishes