Inspiration and Advice on Garden Decking

Garden decking is a wonderful addition in your garden especially if your always welcoming visitors at home. It will be a place where family and friends hang out during summer season and appreciate the beauty of the garden.

If you are planning to build a deck or own a deck, here are some advices to help you keep your deck look great longer.

Protect the Wood

Most of the decks today are made from wood because of its convenient and aesthetic value. To protect the wood from decay, use a wood preservative with UV protector. This will enhance the look of the wood while protecting it from harmful elements such as sun and moisture.

If you want to put in colour to your deck, simply use an exterior stain. You can either use latex or oil based and this is effective in keeping your wood away from mildew.

Get to Know Your Materials

If you are planning to put up a deck on your own, always take the time to know what materials you are using. For example, there are many types of wood that can be use to build a deck such as redwood, cedar and jarrah. There are also new synthetic materials that are being use like vinyl or composite decking. Hardwood cost more than real wood by it can last for a very long time than ordinary wood.

Add water elements

Acton garden decking is a great place to unwind from your daily stress and bond with family members. To add more of the calming effect, add a water fountain or a simple water flow near the deck. The sound of flowing water has a tranquilizing effect and can give you sense of peace especially when you are surrounded with noisy environment.


If you want to make your deck interesting, add unique railings. Other than providing you with safety measure, railings can be a great d├ęcor for your garden.  You can choose from different materials and shapes.

If you are planning to build your own garden deck, here are few suggestions that can help you get started:

Get Quality Screws

If you want a lastindeck freefrom injury and danger, then buy quality screws and fastener. Do not sacrifice money over the safety of your deck because injuries cost more. Low quality screws can ruin your deck, rust and ruin the integrity of your wood. If you are using pressure treated wood, then you need to get stainless or coated screws because it will prolong the life of your treated wood.

Measure Carefully

For those who want to do a DIY deck project, measure it carefully. Some may use strings while other measuring tape but whatever tools you are going to use, make sure you know how to use it. Accurate measurement is necessary so you will not waste your materials and time.

For newbie, keep your deck design simple. Complex designs require some type of expertise and you will need to practice more in order to produce the exact result.

Wooden decking in Chelsea is an exciting project and this can be a great place to gather people or be alone for relaxation.